Marathon for Madeleine

Rottnest, 27 October 2013.

Madeleine is a beautiful little 3 year old girl with autism.  Friends, relatives and supporters of Madeleine Lewis are fundraising to meet the costs of her therapy for one year by running a Marathon on Rottnest on 27 October 2013. Madeleine undertakes intensive early intervention using the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis.  Her family not only works tirelessly to teach Madeleine while raising their 2 other daughters, but are dedicated advocates for other families living with autism and are committed to the use of evidence based practices to bring about lasting, meaningful and measurable change so that these children can live and function independently and contribute fully to society.  25+ years of research supports that this is not only a worthwhile goal, but achievable. But, it takes incredible dedication, time, exceptional professionals and a lot of money.  This campaign for Madeleine, while fundraising for her therapy costs, will be used to advocate for more funding for evidence based therapies for these children and their families that can achieve remarkable outcomes when funding is directed to science based methodologies and not a myriad of therapies, many of which have no evidence to support any improvement. Always wanted to run a marathon, wanting to support autism and a beautiful little girl and her family working towards lasting learning and care about directing government funding in ways that are supported by evidence?  Come run with us or support Madeleine at